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What does Single Origin mean in coffee?
"Single Origin” is a coffee category. Coffee that is labeled as Single Origin can be traced to a single farm, farmer, producer, crop or region in within country. It is never mixed (blended) with other beans from green bean to brew.

Why choose Single Origin?

Single Origin (Sumatra, Ethiopia, Mexico and more) are first, elite beans, and second, brewed by themselves – it is not a blend. Like Scotch Whiskey Single Malts versus Blends. You will uniquely taste the purity of the specific bean as the only bean in your brew.

Are you feeling like experiencing exotic lands?
Our Roasters will take you on a trip around the world of coffee. You choose your roasting level (and grind) and we will deliver the high quality and fresh roasted to perfection beans from the country we have in the Koffee House. Either as a one-time purchase or as a subscription, countries are likely to be Ethiopia, Uganda, Costa Rica, Kenya, Indonesia, Colombia, Mexico, Tanzania… and more.
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