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Does too much caffeine give you the jitters? Try North Koffee Decaf, featuring our carefully roasted, high quality decaf beans.

At North Koffee, our Decaf koffee beans are always decaffeinated using the Swiss Water Process - SWP.

SWP is a patented decaffeination method that uses only water to remove 99.9% of a coffee's caffeine content. Heat and time are also employed, but clean water is the only added ingredient, unlike other decaffeination methods that employ the use chemical solvents like methylene chloride (“MC” decaf) and ethyl acetate - yuck!


12 oz net wt


Smokey cocoa finish without the decaf wash. Medium body and acid.
Organic Mayan Swiss Water Process -

Roast Level

Dark & oily - Vienna Roast

Growing Region(s)

Central American