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Are you ready to experience the rich taste of South America in a cup of coffee? Our Brazilian and Colombian coffee blend will bring your tastebuds on a flavor adventure.

Our coffee blend is an intricate combination of 100% Arabica beans from Brazil and Colombia, offering versatility suitable for both espresso shots and brewed coffee. The unique blend ensures smooth and consistent flavor in every cup, ideal for coffee lovers who enjoy various brewing methods.

What can you expect from our coffee blend? Bright, smooth, and sweet notes, highlighting the rich flavor of the beans. The carob finish adds a unique touch, which sets our blend apart from others. From the moment you take the first sip of our coffee, your senses are transported through a tantalizing flavor profile.

At our shop, we use this blend to pull incredible espresso shots, emphasizing its quality and performance. Customers also enjoy the great taste of coffee while relaxing at home, thanks to the versatility of our blend. We guarantee the perfect morning start or afternoon pick up with our coffee blend.

In conclusion, our coffee blend is a unique combination of Brazilian and Colombian beans, highlighting the perfect balance of flavor, versatility, and quality suitable for coffee lovers. So, don't miss a chance to experience the exciting taste adventure by purchasing our coffee blend today. We invite you to taste our blend in stores or online.

12 oz net wt


Bright, smooth, and sweet with a carob finish and great mouth feel. We pull incredible espresso shots at our shop with this blend and also take it home for a great cuppa.

Roast Level

Dark & oily - Vienna Roast

Growing Region(s)

South America Brazilian and Colombian make for a versatile blend