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Our Lake Victoria Blend pays homage to Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee blended with beans from the high elevations of Kenya and the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. 

Africa is an incredibly exciting continent when it comes to coffee production. With its vast and diverse range of climates, soils, and altitudes, Africa offers an unparalleled variety of coffee beans. From the citrusy and floral flavors of Ethiopian coffee to the bright and vibrant, wine-y acidity, sometimes even sharp tastes of Tanzanian, each region in Africa has its own unique taste profile. Furthermore, Africa has a rich history in coffee cultivation, with some of the oldest coffee-growing traditions in the world. This longstanding expertise, combined with the continent's commitment to quality, results in some of the highest quality coffee beans available. Whether you prefer a smooth and balanced cup or crave a more adventurous and vibrant experience, Africa is the place to explore and savor the incredible flavors that the continent has to offer.

12 oz net wt


Complex & full-bodied with undertones of caramel & citrus.

Roast Level

Dark & Oily - French Roast

Growing Region(s)

Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania