BODUM’s Pour Over coffee maker is the key to making richer, bolder coffee from the comfort of your home. Its design-led aesthetic is a stylish addition to any kitchen, but it’s the resulting full-bodied, smooth tasting coffee with a robust aroma that will win your heart.

What is a Pour Over Coffee you ask?

Pour-over coffee is a method of brewing where you pour hot water directly over ground coffee beans through a filter, allowing the water to extract the flavor from the beans as it pours through and makes it way to the mug or carafe.

Bodum's Pour Over is made from premium quality borosilicate glass that doesn’t absorb taste or aroma, the beautifully shaped carafe is fitted with a permanent stainless steel filter for truly sustainable brewing. 

No wasteful paper filters that trap essential oils and flavor; just pure flavorsome coffee.

Capacity  51 oz

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