Celebrating North Kingstown, RI's 350ᵗʰ Anniversary

In partnership with North Kingstown, North Koffee is offering a monthly, Limited Edition Town Coffee to coincide with the Town's presentations on the the different neighborhoods that came together in 1674 to become the Town of North Kingstown.


A rich and full-bodied coffee, this blend is a sweet treat with decadent dark chocolate and creamy caramel flavors, balanced by a refreshing touch of citrus.

16 oz net wt

Not available as a subscription

History of the Slocum neighborhood

Established in 1850 on the North Kingstown Exeter border, Slocum is a farming community. This area was known to original settlers as the Great Plain and later on College Plain. The land in this area, at the time, possessed the most fertile farmland in the region. In the 1800s farming consisted of a wide range of crops and by the 1930s the Slocum region specialized in growing Maine potatoes. Although this is no longer the case, Slocum to this day is still a very valuable asset to our community and is widely used with most of the farmland being cultivated for turf farming. 



Full bodied and sweet - with notes of chocolate, caramel and citrus.

Roast Level

Light/Medium - City Roast

Growing Region(s)

Mexican & Guatemalan blend