Strong multi-purpose clamp;  perfect for scooping coffee, baking, cooking and more...

This scoop should be in every coffee aficionado's kitchen.

It scoops the perfect amount of coffee (or Tea, Protein Powder, Instant Drinks) and then clamps your coffee bag shut to reseal for freshness - convenient and sanitary. Keeps your coffee beans or grounds fresh and dry. 

Can also be used to measure spices, flour, liquid and more...

Extra long handle to grip comfortably and easily scoop contents out from deep containers
Equipped with crocodile clip to ensure your coffee stays sealed and fresh.
Food Grade Stainless Steel ​
Dishwasher Safe
Size: 1 Tablespoon (15ML)
Dimensions: 7" l x 1.5" w x 1" h • Weight: 1.5 oz

At North Koffee we love to hunt for the perfect koffee tools & accessories. We then love to pass on our finds so you can prepare the most awesome cup of coffee possible in your home or office. Be sure to check out all of the cool items in our online shop or café.

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