Celebrating North Kingstown, RI's 350ᵗʰ Anniversary

In partnership with North Kingstown, North Koffee is offering a monthly, Limited Edition Town Coffee to coincide with the Town's presentations on the the different neighborhoods that came together in 1674 to become the Town of North Kingstown.


A rich and full-bodied coffee, this blend is a sweet treat with decadent dark chocolate and creamy caramel flavors, balanced by a refreshing touch of citrus.

16 oz net wt

Not available as a subscription

Short History of  Saunderstown

Originally named Willettville, after the region’s first settler in 1680, Andrew Willett, the son of the first mayor of New York City, this area has a long history as a farming community, then later a fishing and shipbuilding center, and finally as a summer resort area.  

It received its present name in honor of the ship building family of John Aldrich Saunders, who settled there in 1856, at the invitation of the Carpenter family, the direct descendants of the original Willett settlers, and Lafayette businessman Robert Rodman, and constructed a marine railway and shipyard.  

The Saunders family constructed ships there as well as maintained a summer hotel and a ferry service to Jamestown, Newport, Wickford, and Providence.  It was during this remarkable timeframe that Saunderstown became renowned as a literary summer community attracting the likes of the Whartons, LaFarges, Lockwoods, Wisters, and Roosevelts.  

Over the last 50 years or so, the area’s homes have largely been slowly converted to year-round residences.




Balanded body & sweetness - with notes of milk chocolate, caramel and orange.

Roast Level

Light Roast - Light City Roast

Growing Region(s)

South & Central American Blend