honey bear bottle filled with honey



A rising star in the Rhode Island Artisan community, Bee Happy cultivates its bees in rural Rhode Island, bordered safely on one side by the Atlantic Ocean.

Local honey from Charlestown, Rhode Island.

Bee Happy Homestead Farm grows vegetables and herbs, raises chickens and ducks for their eggs, tend bees for their honey and other hive products and then make  treats for eating, bathing, and moisturizing!

Bee Happy Homestead Farm employs organic methods in the raising of vegetables, herbs, eggs & honey. They treat their hives ethically by inspecting regularly and intervening when necessary.

Bee Happy Homestead Farm says, "We only take from the hives what is in excess so to not compromise their natural abilities to survive.”

Comes in plastic squeeze bottles (BPA free) with flip top lids. 

8 oz net wt

At North Koffee, we love supporting other local artisans. We encourage our coffee family to check out the awesome products being produced in small batches by our neighbors all across Rhode Island. We will continue to add other products to our Artisan Collaboration program as opportunities come up. 

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